Russia awaits Ukraine’s response to a settlement proposal | News

In the course of the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, Moscow delivered a new draft on ways to resolve the developing conflict since the end of February, although the Russian Foreign Ministry increasingly mistrusts the kyiv government to achieve success in the negotiations.


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In this sense, the spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry Maria Zajárova told national media that: “On behalf of the office of a man who calls himself the president of Ukraine and is endowed with the appropriate powers, a request was made to carry out negotiations and Russia did not reject that request.”

In this sense, the official added that: “Then, as always, literally and figuratively, a circus began on the part of the kyiv regime: first they come, then they do not come, sometimes they participate, sometimes they do not participate.”

However, the diplomat assured that Moscow was previously prepared to receive the response that kyiv has given, since Ukraine does not act independently, but “is controlled” by the West.

At the same time, Zakharova asserted that the negotiating process was used by Ukraine as a distraction mechanism, which could further complicate the complex scenario in the region.

Russia awaits Ukraine’s response to the draft bilateral agreement

Meanwhile, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, reported that Russia awaits kyiv’s response regarding the draft of the delivered document, stating that: “We have already delivered to the Ukrainian side our draft of the document with absolutely clear formulas. The ball is in their roof. We wait for the answer”.

However, Peskov stated that: “the working dynamics of the Ukrainian side leaves much to be desired. So let’s say that the Ukrainians do not express much readiness to intensify the negotiation process.”

Asked if there were any specific timeframes for kyiv’s reaction, Peskov said: “It depends on the Ukrainian side.”

Peskov recalled the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin that the Ukrainian side constantly deviates from previously confirmed agreements, from his words, constantly changing them.

“This, of course, has very bad consequences in terms of the effectiveness of the negotiations,” stressed the press secretary of the head of state.