Russia alerts West to delay in offering security guarantees | News

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned the United States and the member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on Friday that Moscow “will not wait until forever” for its response to the demands of the Eurasian country on security guarantees against further eastward expansion of the Atlantic alliance and the deployment of offensive weapons near its borders.


Russia says it will protect its security from NATO

During a press conference to assess the work results of the Russian Foreign Ministry during 2021, Lavrov said that “we are awaiting a written response from our colleagues. We believe that they understand the need to do so immediately, and to do so in writing. We won’t wait until forever. “

He stressed that there are plans to delay the process. “Whatever they say about the need to speak to their allies and the need to involve all members of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), they are empty statements and attempts to delay a response.”

He insisted that Russia is aware that reaching a consensus depends on the US In this regard, he said that Moscow is prepared to face new US and Western sanctions, including on the economic plane.

The head of Russian diplomacy indicated that when the Russia-NATO Council was created there were negotiations of political agreements on codes of conduct and behavior in the context of the armed forces and weapons systems. “No one spoke of consultations with the OSCE or the European Union,” he said.

He expressed that they want to see in writing, “point by point, provision by provision” the response of the West. “We want them to tell us this fits us, not this, but why, if we can amend it, change the language, add something. Everything in writing, please, “he added.

The Russian official said that he expects a mature response from the US However, he did not detail what the Russian response would be if that of his counterpart is negative, after senior Russian officials, including the deputy foreign minister and chief negotiator. with the US, Sergei Riabkov, will warn of possible military responses from Moscow if Washington and NATO do not respond to the Kremlin’s demand.

In this regard, he reaffirmed the words of President Vladimir Putin that these answers will depend on military experts. “If our proposals are rejected, if that happens, we will assess the situation, we will inform the President,” he added.

Lavrov maintained that Russia has extensive military ties with partners and allies and a presence in various regions of the world. He recalled that Putin said at his annual press conference that he would take into account all factors, including his security interests.