Russia accuses the US of curbing its cooperation with Latin America | News


The Russian Foreign Ministry affirmed this Wednesday that the IX Summit of the Americas was a space that the United States used to hinder the region’s cooperation with Moscow and Beijing.


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The spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry, María Zajárova, pointed out that: “After the script drawn up to reaffirm the exclusive influence of the United States in this region of the world, one of the key objectives was revealed, that of minimizing cooperation with Russia and China.”

In this sense, Zajárova added that: “Whatever Washington presents as a unifying agenda is based on the purpose of destroying the natural ties of various regions and groupings with Moscow and Beijing.”

At the same time, the diplomat assured that the US aspires to replace Russia as the main supplier of energy resources by applying sanctions to hinder cooperation while accusing Moscow of destabilizing the market.

Similarly, the spokeswoman pointed out that: “The states of Latin America and the Caribbean aspire to cooperate on an equal footing, they reject attempts to treat them as subordinates or an instrument.”

Accordingly, he added that: “By differing in the nuances of the evaluation of the current international situation and facing problems, they show a remarkable political autonomy and the preparation to promote their interests, they aspire that their plural and united voice at the same time be hear in the international arena”.

Finally, the ministerial spokesperson stated that the summit demonstrated that “the era of the Monroe Doctrine has passed a long time ago” meanwhile she advocated an international system in favor of multilateralism.

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