Russia accuses NATO countries of massacring civilians in Donbas | News


Russia’s representative to the United Nations, Vasili Nebenzia, accused the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on Wednesday of providing long-range artillery to Ukraine and allowing this country to intensify its bombardments against civilian targets in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.


Russia removes arms depot sent by NATO to Ukraine

In statements to the media, the Russian diplomat stated that the Western powers have their hands stained with the blood of the citizens of Donbas (eastern Ukraine).

He assured that “material evidence shows that civilians in Donetsk were killed as a result of the use of artillery ammunition provided to kyiv by NATO countries, including the United States, Canada, the Netherlands or France.”

He described the recent shelling of Donetsk as “another horrible war crime committed by the Kiev regime” and recalled that the shells were not fired to hit military targets but to take revenge against civilians.

He recalled that the bombardments by the Ukrainian armed forces in that area (which even reached a maternity hospital) in recent days caused the death of six civilians, including a child, and caused more than 30 injuries.

Delving into the origin of the weapons used in these attacks against Donetsk, Nebenzia denounced the use of cluster munitions of French origin despite the fact that Paris confirmed the destruction of this type of munitions in 2016.

Moscow has reiterated that it does not station military assets or contingents around civilian targets and has criticized Kiev for allowing its nationalist armed forces and battalions to bomb civilian targets or use citizens as human shields.

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