Russia accuses nationalists of attack on Chernobyl plant | News


Russian Deputy Defense Minister Army General Nikolai Pankov denounced on Wednesday that Ukrainian nationalists fell into an extremely dangerous provocation by attacking the substation and power lines that feed the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.


Russia rejects campaign of lies at UN to blame it for fire at Ukraine nuclear power plant

During a press conference, the officer specified that in the face of this sabotage, Russian specialists took quick measures to switch to reserve diesel generators and maintain electrical service at the plant, which remains in the custody of Russian troops.

He added that “the Ukrainian side is trying by all means to prevent the organization of any repair and rehabilitation work.”

In his opinion, “this confirms once again the absolutely intentional and provocative nature of the actions of the nationalists,” he said.

On the subject, Russian Deputy Energy Minister Pavel Sorokin assured that Belarusian technicians have solved “the problem of permanently restoring power supply from the Belarusian power system.”

On the morning of this Wednesday, the Ukrenergo National Energy Company (operator of the plant) reported that the aforementioned nuclear power plant had lost electricity due to attacks by Russian troops, when in fact they preserve its security.

He added that the fighting makes it impossible to carry out repair work to restore the power supply.

Through Twitter, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmitro Kuleba, tried to instill fear and blame Russia by stating that the electricity generators that supply the plant have a reserve capacity of about 48 hours.

Kuleba added that, after that time, “the spent nuclear fuel storage facility’s cooling systems will shut down, making radiation leaks imminent.”

However, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced that the failure of the electrical supply does not suppose what it called “a critical impact on security”.

In a statement, the IAEA stated that “the heat load of the spent fuel storage pool and the volume of cooling water at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are sufficient for effective heat removal without the need for electrical supply.” .

However, the director general of this agency of the United Nations Organization, Rafael Grossi, asked Russia to allow the rotation of personnel working to provide security to the site, the scene of the largest civil nuclear catastrophe in human history, which occurred in April 1986.

The attack by Ukrainian nationalists on Chernobyl occurs in the context of the special military operation launched by Russia on February 24 to protect the population of Donbas and demilitarize-denazify Ukraine.

Moscow has specified that its objectives are strictly military, not civilian, and that it does not seek to occupy Ukraine or overthrow the government of President Volodimir Zelenski.

The Russian Ministry of Defense had to put this nuclear power plant and the one in Zaporizhia (the second largest in Europe) under its custody, which was attacked by Ukrainian nationalists, who set fire to an auxiliary building to generate a global scandal.

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