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A wave of drones has hit Moscow a day after the last massive attack that hit kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The response this Tuesday to the Russian offensive, in the fifteenth month of the invasion of Ukraine, has focused on the capital on the Moskva River as the target of a coordinated action that, although it has only slightly damaged some residential buildings, opens a new chapter in the war. Moscow has woken up at the beginning of the long-awaited summer with the news that several drones —between 10 or 20, according to various Russian media sources; eight, according to the Defense Ministry, had fallen on its territory. In total, two people have required medical attention, although there have been no injuries, according to the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin. "According to information from the city's medical services, none of the residents of the homes damaged by the UAVs were seriously injured," the mayor stated on his profile on social networks.

At least two blocks in the extreme southwest of this gigantic city have been hit by drones. In the images disseminated in the Russian networks of these attacks, broken windows can be seen and the upper part of one of these buildings burned. One of them, on 98 Profsoyúznaya street, within the last ring of the metropolis, and the other on Atlasova street in the New Moscow district, on the other side of the highway. "The neighbors have been evacuated for security measures," reported Sobianin. "Immediately after the special services finish their work, residents will be able to return to their apartments," announced the mayor, who stressed that the two buildings have suffered "minor damage."

View of the damage caused by a drone in a Moscow building this Tuesday.MAXIM SHEMETOV (REUTERS)

This is the first large-scale drone attack in the capital during the war. Moscow was already aware for the first time that it could be the target of these devices on May 3, when two drones reached the roof of one of the Kremlin buildings, the Senate Palace, without causing significant damage. Russia then accused Ukraine of trying to assassinate Vladimir Putin, even though the Russian president lives on the outskirts of the capital and rarely goes to the compound.

Not all the devices were shot down despite the fact that the capital is more than 800 kilometers away from the Ukrainian border. “Residents of some areas of the Moscow region could hear the sounds of explosions this morning - this is our air defense. Several drones were shot down as they approached Moscow”, was the message with which the region's governor, Andrei Vorobiov, tried to reassure the residents who witnessed the attack.

According to information from the Russian Ministry of Defense, eight drones took part in this new incursion over its territory. “Everyone was hit. Three of them were suppressed by electronic warfare system - they lost control and strayed from their targets. Five more were shot down by the anti-aircraft gun and missile system Pantsir-S in the Moscow region”, the organization has assured through a statement.

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Despite the incident, the region's airports are operating normally, according to the Russian air transport agency, Rosaviatsia. In a similar incident that occurred on February 28, the airspace of Saint Petersburg, Leningrad region, was closed for a few hours due to the detection of an unidentified aircraft. That same day, the Moscow region reported the destruction of several drones over its territory.

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