Rudy Giuliani surrenders to justice after his indictment in Georgia | International

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In this image provided by the Fulton County Jail, attorney Rudy Giuliani.FULTON COUNTY

Rudy Giuliani has been booked this Wednesday at the Fulton County Prison. The formerly popular mayor of New York and renowned lawyer, a man who has fallen into disgrace by spreading lies about the elections, turned himself in this morning to the Georgia court. The state accuses him of meddling in the 2020 presidential election to favor his boss, former President Donald Trump. Giuliani, 79, this week became the second defendant to turn himself in to authorities in a case involving 18 people. Trump is expected to do the same this Thursday.

The court has set bail at $150,000 for Giuliani to go free. It is the second highest amount after the one faced by the former president, $200,000. The former mayor is the person in the accusation that accumulates the most charges, with 13. These range from criminal association, pressure local officials, making false statements and conspiring to impersonate a public official, in addition to trying to falsify documents and statements.

Fani Willis, the district attorney, considers the veteran Republican politician to be one of the masterminds of the plot that aimed to reverse the electoral results in the entity, which opted for Joe Biden on election night. Georgia was one of the key states that Trump needed to conquer to stay in the White House, but the Republican lost it by a narrow margin. After that, the group closest to him denounced electoral fraud, an accusation they made without evidence.

“I feel very good because I believe that I am standing up for the rights of all Americans, as I have done on many occasions as a prosecutor,” Giuliani said Wednesday morning outside his apartment in New York. The politician assures that he is "fighting for justice." The courts have already derailed the judicial trajectory of Giuliani, who last June heard a New York court suspend his license to practice after finding he had made "provably false claims." A state bar association panel has recommended expelling him from the organization, further precipitating his fall from grace.

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