Rubén Rocha delivers property titles in Badiraguato

Rubén Rocha delivers property titles in Badiraguato
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He Governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha MoyaHe delivered title deedsfurniture for microentrepreneurs beneficiaries of the Equipa Sinaloa program, in addition to four streets in the Buena Vista and Colinas de Camichín neighborhoods, of the municipality of Badiraguato.

In the municipal auditorium, Rocha Moya delivered 1,973 property titles and deeds to the same number of families from the communities of Surutato, Santa Gertudris, El Llano de los Rochín, San José del Llano, Tegoripa, La Apoma, Ciénega de los Lara, among others.

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This delivery is added to the 12 thousand property titles and deeds granted in different cities of the state that give legal certainty to families about the property they live in, as reported by the Welfare Secretary and Sustainable Development, María Inés Pérez Corral.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Government, Enrique Inzunza Cázarezhighlighted the support of different federal government agencies to carry out the program that gives peace of mind and confidence to thousands of families who previously lived with uncertainty regarding the legitimate possession of their homes and lots.

200 pieces of equipment were also delivered to benefit 46 families., as part of the “Equipa Sinaloa” program, which provides furniture to start microbusinesses, such as taco and hot dog carts, beauty equipment, kitchen equipment, chairs and tables, sewing machines and tools for bricklayers' work. and electricians. With this support, more than 5,500 pieces of equipment have been delivered to the entity.



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