Rubén Albarrán does not recognize his daughter or his wife, according to Ofelia Medina

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The life of the leader and vocalist of Café Tacvba, Rubén Albarrán, has been involved in controversy due to the recent news of his separation from his wife, an event that has surprised many of his followers who were unaware of their formal relationship. The controversy intensifies even more given that Rubén and his ex-partner They have a daughter named Cosma.

The actress Ofelia Medina, during an interview, gave learn details about the identity of the mysterious woman and expressed concern about the current situation of his niece, Andrea MedinaAlbarrán's ex-wife.

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The news of Rubén Albarrán's separation It was made public a few weeks ago. when journalist Alex Kaffie reported on the end of their marriage. This news took many of the musician's followers by surprise, since his personal life has largely stayed out of the spotlight.

The issue of their separation took an unexpected turn when Ofelia Medina, a prominent Mexican actress, spoke about the matter in an interview and revealed that Rubén Albarrán's ex-wife is his niece, Andrea Medina. This news generated even more interest and curiosity among the musician's followers, who have been intrigued by this facet of his life that was not widely known.

In the interview, Ofelia Medina shared his concern about the current situation of Andrea Medina and expressed that Rubén Albarrán has not taken responsibility for his family. The actress emphasized the importance of responsibility and attention that must be given to children and the couple in situations of separation or divorce.

"If you have a child with a person, you have to be responsible about it and with that person as well," he said.

Ofelia Medina also noted that her niece, Andrea, is going through a difficult time and feels that You are not being treated with the consideration and respect you deserve.. The actress expressed her wish that Rubén Albarrán becomes aware of the situation and assumes his responsibilities with both her daughter and Andrea.

"She is suffering because it is a painful situation that he does not recognize his daughter or her," Medina commented.

The actress, who claimed to have known Rubén Albarrán for many years, called on the musician to reflect on the situation surrounding your separation and assume your family commitments.

"I have confidence that Rubén is a conscious man. I know about his struggle, I have known him for many years and I know that, if there is something that is wrong, he will reconsider it. Rubén Albarrán is a good person," concluded Ofelia Medina.

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