Rubalcava confirms being a conciliatory politician

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Adrian Rubalcava SuarezMayor of Cuajimalpaconfirmed his aspirations to participate in the internal contest of the Broad Front for Mexicoand be the opposition candidate for the Head of Government in 2024.

During his participation in the Sale el Sol program Image TelevisionRubalcava Suárez claimed to be a different option from the profiles that are projected towards next year's elections in the country's capital, especially because he considers himself a conciliatory politician.

“I am extremely conciliator. I am convinced that for the city workbeyond confrontation and attack, we require that we all agree.

“I am a character who has given me the chance to build with the government of the Citybuild with the federal government, and it has given me good resultsand I am convinced that what Mexico needs is that,” commented the mayor of Cuajimalpa.

Meanwhile, the owner of the demarcation highlighted the work carried out in security, during the periods in which he has been in charge, since, for every 200 thousand inhabitants, Cuajimalpa It has the lowest number of criminal incidents in CDMX and is among the first five municipalities with the best perception of security.

“Cuajimalpa brings a scheme interesting, we went from having 80 police officers to having a thousand police officers, which is impressive; and we went from having four patrols to having 420 patrols; That undoubtedly generates a feeling of perceived security and reduces the incidence of crime,” he highlighted.

Rubalcava Suarez pointed out that it has been a priority to address this area, even with technological support, since they are the only locality in which their police They permanently have a camera as part of their work tools, thus avoiding corruptionin addition to generating trust between citizens and authorities.

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