Rowing: Cambridge prevails over Oxford in the traditional regatta on the Thames | Video

Cambridge University recovered the prevailing tone in the legendary regatta that has faced him every year for almost two centuries with the Oxford, after prevail for the fourth time in the last five editions. Likewise, in the female category he claimed his sixth consecutive victory.

In somewhat adverse weather conditions, marked by the strong wind that agitated the waters of the river Thames, the men’s race began with great equality between the two boats.

Although last year Oxford managed to shake off the dominance in surprising fashion, from soon Cambridge showed that this time he was not going to be surprised again.

Before reaching the first thousand meters of the regatta, they took the lead by a body length, that they would maintain the rest of the race, despite Oxford’s final comeback attempt.

A maneuver from your helmsman, JAsper Parish, who brought the boat closer to shore at Fulham to find calmer waters, It was decisive in the final result.

Previously, Cambridge women’s team managed to prevail by sixth consecutive edition to Oxford, in a race that he dominated almost from start to finish.

Despite the fact that at the exit the Oxford shirts got the upper handthe Cambridge vessel quickly took the lead with advantages of more than a second, which allowed him to prevail in this 77th edition.

(With information from EFE)