Rosario: the weather prediction for this September 21

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Temperature, probability of rain, cloudiness and ultraviolet rays are some of the data you should know before leaving home. (Infobae/Jovani Pérez)

He type of climate that there is in a certain region is determined by different factors among which are altitude, latitude, orientation of the relief, distance to the sea and marine currents and gives guidelines to the call "Meteorological time" which in turn is based on other elements such as temperature, pressure, wind, humidity and precipitation to describe the atmospheric conditions in a locality in a short term.

To catalog the climate, the system developed by Wladimir Köppen is generally used, although there is also the Thornthwaite system, the latter which also takes into account biological diversity and the effects of climate change on it. Others such as Bergeron and Spacial Synoptic focus on the origin of the air masses that define the climate of a region.

Due to climate change, currently the planet is in a process of redistribution in which some modification, however minimal, in the average annual temperature causes changes in the habitats and their conditions.

In this context, here we leave you the weather for Rosario.

The probability of rain For this Thursday in Rosario it is 25% during the day and 3% at night.

Meanwhile, cloudiness will be 95% during the day and 43% during the night.

As to temperature A maximum of 27 degrees and a minimum of 15 degrees is forecast in this region. Ultraviolet rays are forecast to reach a level of up to 2.

While wind gusts will reach 22 kilometers per hour during the day and 28 kilometers per hour at night.

Known as the “Cradle of the Argentine Flag”, Rosario is also the third most populated in the country after Buenos Aires and Córdoba. The warmest months of the year to visit are December, January and February.

During the year, the climate in the capital registers temperatures between 6 °C and 31 °C. February is considered the month with the most rain, while July is the month with the least rainfall.

According to reports from the National Meteorological Service, 2021 is considered one of the warmest in the country. "If we analyze in detail how this variable behaved in the different regions of the country, we must highlight the values ​​of Patagonia, a region where it is very possible that this year will be the hottest and driest since 1961. In general, values ​​were recorded between 0.5 and 2 °C higher than the statistical average. On the other hand, to the north of the 35th parallel, temperatures were very close to normal,” indicates the report “Climate in Argentina: data and summary of what happened in 2021.”

The same report adds that Throughout that year there were only three months that closed with slightly lower temperatures to the normal ones in the country: January, May and June. The rest of the months were warm "and it is necessary to highlight the extremely warm anomalies that were recorded in April and September."

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