Rosario: the hitman who shot two police headquarters and left a threat for a prosecutor fell

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The detainee was also charged with a crime

The alleged perpetrator of the shooting attacks against the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) and the old police detachment - known as "The tank"-which occurred on Friday of last week in the southern area of ​​Rosario, he was arrested this Wednesday while walking through Chacabuco and Villar passage, in the Tablada neighborhood, police sources indicated Infobae.

The suspect is Lautaro Roman N., is 21 years old and will be taken to the imputed hearing by the prosecutors of the Organized Crime Agency, Luis Schiappa Pietra and MatĂ­as Edery. In addition, he will be charged for having participated in a recent crime. This is the murder of Laureano Gabriel Cardozoa 24-year-old young man who on August 18 was shot in the chest while walking his dog in Flammarion and Lamadrid, in the southern area.

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According to the investigation, the hitman fired from inside a car, although it was not clear if the victim was caught in the middle of the shooting or if he was mistaken for another person.

The arrest was carried out by AIC agents, who followed in the footsteps of Lautaro N. from the beginning, since an investigation carried out at the scene of the attacks last Friday seriously compromised him.

The AIC operation in search of the hitman
The AIC operation in search of the hitman

In the two shootings, which took place in Lamadrid at 500 and in Abanderado Grandoli at 3900, written messages were left on pieces of cardboard They were addressed to prosecutor Edery and to prisoners who make up the Los Monos gang. The mention of the judicial official in the intimidating text deserved a statement from the Public Prosecutor's Office in repudiation of threats to the investigator.

The young man suspected of being a hitman was already on the police and judicial radar long time. On November 25, 2020, he was arrested for threats, in 2021 he was apprehended twice for aggravated concealment and illegal possession of a weapon of war, while last year he was arrested in November and December for robbery and simple concealment.

Due to the last arrest, which occurred on December 4, 2022 for simple concealment, Lautaro N. signed an abbreviated judgment on February 24 and received a sentence of 9 months in prison. This sentence expired on July 11.

The officers seized a motorcycle
The officers seized a motorcycle

After the capture of the alleged hitman, the Intelligence Division of the Criminal Investigation Agency and the Special Operations Troop carried out nine raids in different homes located in Antelo at 700, Acevedo at 2800, SeguĂ­ Boulevard at 200 bis and De Paoli at 3500.

In the procedures, cell phones were seized, two vests with inscriptions from the Santa Fe Police and drugs. Two motorcycles were also seized, one with an arrest warrant for theft and another that will be subjected to expertise because it is similar to the one used for the shootings last Friday, according to the survey of images made.

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One of the raided properties belongs to the current partner of an inmate who is staying in Pavilion No. 7 of the Piñero prison, which is now under investigation.

In addition, Keila L., a woman who had arrest warrant Federal Justice for a cause for retail drug sales. As a curious fact, at that address she kidnapped drugs and elements to split, so it is assumed that she continued to dedicate herself to the same activity for which she is also being investigated.

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