Rosalía showed her legs, the streets of Tokyo and Lisa from Blackpink in the video clip "Yours"

"Yours", cover of Rosalía's single.

Photo: Columbia Records. / Courtesy

The Motomami, rosaliarecorded a song in which he experiments with the urban genre and with Japanese sounds. "Yours" was recorded on the streets of Tokyo. The aesthetic clearly has an Asian influence. This would not be the only video that the Spanish filmed in that country.

In the past, he has committed the same feat for “Candy”. Stillz was the director in charge. He himself has extensive experience with artists of the urban genre. rosalia used japanese instruments and sound typical of Spanish music.

“Japan makes me want to move slowly, delicately… It's beautiful, no matter how you look at it. I admire the dedication they put into the little things, it inspires me with everything…”, added the interpreter of “Vampires”, “Kiss” and “with Height” to Magazine Vogue in a fashion editorial that he made from Tokyo, precisely because of the recording of "Yours".

Of course, he highlighted one of the outfits he used for the video clip. A very short yellow dress with which showed the legs from the design firm “Marni” and some black patent platforms from “Masion Margiela”.

“I had fun creating looks in Tokyo the day before the shoot… The looks represent the joy of that moment, and are also part of the visual context of Tuyawhere sensuality plays an important role”, added the Spanish.

Also, at the end of the video clip, the singer appears eating Ramen with a pink wig. You can quickly see the singer of the band K-POP, "Blackpink", smooth. This is a very suggestive way of implying that he could launch a collaboration with it. It would not be the first time that the Spanish woman has given signs of her next musical movements.

They assure that "Yours" Rosalía dedicated it to Hunter Schafer

The premiere of the new song of the fiancee of rauw alejandro It has also meant news that is running like water on social networks. A fervent fan of the singer, user on Twitter @motocarl_ assures that this song is inspired by an alleged relationship that Rosalía had with the actress of the Netflix series “Euphoria”, Hunter Schafer.

To the premiere of "Yours", it reacted with a like to the publication of the Spanish. At the time, they were seen at various events and rosalia thanked Hunter with a "I love you..." for having accompanied her to receive a recognition that she was awarded bill board.

Subsequently, rosalia would begin his relationship with the Puerto Rican, rauw alejandro. The one he got engaged to and has lived with for some time. For his part, Hunter Schafer had a relationship with another classmate Euphoria and keeps fighting for the rights of the community LGBTQ.

In the same interview with Vogue, rosalia talked about how his new theme song came about: “It is a connection, or an erotic encounter, with another person. The video centers on a foreign girl in Tokyo who is alone all the time."reviewed the magazine.

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