Rookie quarterbacks refresh the NFL

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With the most emblematic triumvirate of the last 20 years (Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger) outside the grids), the generational change of quarterbacks in the NFL reached a new milestone this campaign.

Last week was the first time in history that all passes thrown were made by players born in 1990 or later and 15 of the 28 quarterbacks holders did so when they were 25 years old or younger.

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The streak of quarterbacks born in the 1970s ended with the withdrawal of Tom Brady after last season. Injuries to Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Kirk Cousins ​​and Ryan Tannehill, and a bye week for Russell Wilsonthey kept the QBs born in the 1980s during the ninth Sunday of the campaign. This was the first time since Week 6 of the 2002 season that no quarterback born in the 1980s took the field.

At the midpoint of the 2023 campaign, young quarterbacks have taken center stage.

CJ Stroud, the man recruited by the Houston Texans engineered a six-play, 75-yard touchdown drive in the final minute to lead the Texans to a 39-37 victory last week, threw for 470 yards (a record for an NFL rookie in a single game) and five touchdowns. Stroud (22 years, 33 days) became the youngest player to throw for 450 yards, surpassing Jacky Lee (22 years, 94 days) of the Oilers, on October 13, 1961.


The Chicago Bears They face each other in a match where two could obtain a double victory. If Chicago takes the score against Carolinanot only will he be reaching three wins this year but he would also be sinking the Panthers to the last place in the standings, something that suits the Bears. Chicago allowed the Panthers to move up positions in the last Draft in exchange for their first pick in 2024, so Chicago would select first next year.

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