Ronald Acuña Jr. hit 20 home runs before the All-Star Break for a new record

Ronald Acuña Jr. hit his 20th home run of the season in a 16-4 rout of the Miami Marlins this Friday and added a new record in his MVP season. The Venezuelan of the Atlanta Braves is the first player in history to have 20 home runs and more than 35 stolen bases before the month of July.

Acuña Jr., 25, is having the best season of his career. The Atlanta outfielder has already surpassed his numbers from the 2022 season, when he dealt with various injuries.

Last year he finished with 15 home runs, 50 RBI and 29 stolen bases. This season in 81 games he has 20 homers, 37 stolen bases and 53 RBIs.

The Venezuelan is a strong candidate to have a season of 40 home runs and 40 stolen basessomething that has not been achieved in more than 15 years when the Dominican Alfonso Soriano did it.

Acuña leads the Braves in the following departments: runs scored (74), hits (109), stolen bases (37), average (.334), OBP (.413), OPS (1.008), Doubles (23). He is also second in home runs (20) and third in RBIs (53).

The Atlanta Braves are the best team in the National League in the first half of the season. They have a record of 54 wins, 27 losses and a 6 game difference over the Miami Marlins.

Beating up the Marlins

Matt Olson homered twice, drove in five runs and scored four, Ronald Acuña blew the ball out of the park, scored three times and added two RBIs, and Eddie Rosario sent a ball into the stands and drove in three runs to lead a six-run attack. Full lap kicks deployed by the Atlanta Braves against the Miami Marlins.

Austin Riley and Sean Murphy also homered for the Braves, who added a run from Curacao's Ozzie Albies and Marcell Ozuna.

The Dominican Jesús Sánchez hit a three-run home run and the Cuban Jorge Soler hit one with no one on the trails, for the Marlins.

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