Ron DeSantis threatens drug traffickers in Republican debate

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In the framework of a debate with four other Republican presidential candidates, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his ambitious proposals regarding border security and the fight against drug trafficking. During the event, DeSantis stated that he will "kill" drug traffickers who try to bring fentanyl into the United States and that he will build a wall financed by Mexico if he becomes president.

In a powerful speech, DeSantis emphasized his commitment to addressing the problem at the southern border of the United States. He promised to declare a national emergency on the first day of his term to send the military to the border and stop what he called an "invasion" of migrants.

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"I'm going to deport the people who entered illegally, I'm going to build the wall and I'm going to make Mexico pay for it, like Donald Trump promised," DeSantis declared.

He also said he plans to impose a surcharge on remittances that migrants send from the United States to Mexico, using those funds to finance the construction of the wall.

His aggressive approach to fighting drug trafficking and building a Mexican-backed wall will be topics of debate and discussion in the coming months as the presidential election progresses.

“We are going to confront the cartels, the terrorist organizations and we are going to authorize the use of lethal force. We will also have maritime operations to intercept chemical precursors that arrive in Mexico. If anyone from the cartels tries to bring fentanyl across border, It will be the last thing I do. We are going to kill them,” she stated.

Ron DeSantis, considered for months as a possible successor to Trump, who has been sinking in the polls for some time.

The forty-year-old, famous for his very conservative positions on issues such as abortion, LGBTI rights and immigration, is 45 points behind Trump, according to the website that compiles surveys RealClearPolitics.

Trump absent

The former president, adept at provocations, Donald Trump decided to hold a rally this Wednesday almost at the same time as the Republican debate and just 18 kilometers away.

The chosen place, the city of Hialeah, next to Miami, is a Republican bastion in which more than 95 percent of the population defines itself as Latino.

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I don't think there is a need to participate in the debate, since he (Trump) is ahead in the polls and is going to be our next president," said retiree Yumari Sotolongo, who attended the rally.

One more nod from Trump to Florida's influential Hispanic community. In June, just after his indictment in a federal court in Miami, he took a mass bath at the Versailles restaurant, an emblematic place of the Cuban community in that city.

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