Ron DeSantis boasts of homophobe and accuses Trump of defending gays

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In Europe, anti-LGBT rights and homophobic political positions are often masked or disguised – perhaps less and less – if only to get around anti-hate laws. In the United States they are one step ahead, and homophobic politicians are beginning to show off their intolerance.

Donald Trump's main rival towards the Republican primaries for the 2024 presidential elections; The governor of Florida and promoter of the most extreme laws and measures against trans youth or education on gender and racism, as well as against abortion and immigrants, Ron DeSantis, has just messed it up once again in this field by broadcasting a video campaign where "the real wolf" is proclaimed against the LGTBI community.

The spot, posted on Twitter, begins with attacks on Trump for trying to protect these people, as if that were a dirty sin. The accusation it is also basically false, with the exceptions of some past gestures of the former president that he himself has rectified time and time again with his own attacks on gays, lesbians and especially trans people.

DeSantis in an image captured from his campaign video, in which he says he is "the real wolf" against the LGTBI community


The video specifically rescues images of Trump at the 2016 Republican national convention, when he assured that "he would do everything in his power to protect our LGTBI citizens." At that time, in the middle of the campaign for that year's elections, the former president was promising protection against attacks like the one that had taken place weeks before at the gay nightclub Press Orlando, Florida, where a terrorist killed 49 people in what was at the time the deadliest shooting in the nation's history.

Trump was a true pioneer in the task of injecting gender ideology into discourse."


Ron DeSantisGovernor of Florida and 2024 candidate

DeSantis now reproaches the leader both for those verbal promises to protect gays and for the fact that around that same time he distributed T-shirts with the inscription "LGBTQ for Trump", among other gestures of rapprochement to said community by the former president.

Everyone in the US knows to what extent the ex-president was drifting towards a retrograde discourse, particularly in the face of gender transition operations and trans athletes. For his opponent, however, his compassionate past is a stain that should be highlighted.

Video casts Trump's 2016 promise to protect gays from violence as a sin from Trump's past

After the attack on the soft Trump, the controversial propaganda ad presents a DeSantis who "does not care" what they say about his laws and actions against the group in question. And he alternates images of the governor himself, one with lightning bolts coming out of his eyes, with headlines of when he "signed the most extreme list of anti-trans laws in modern history" or signed into law a "draconian anti-trans bathroom bill."

The photos of the protagonist are then combined, in surprising association, with alpha males as diverse as the killer of American Psycho played by Christian Bale; Brad Pitt's version of Achilles in troy and by The wolf of Wall Street played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Then, a sign alludes to the arrival of a “real wolf”, immediately represented by a DeSantis meme with fangs.

Dunedin (United States), 06/23/2023.- A woman and her dog attends the 2nd annual Dunedin Pride Golf Cart Parade in Dunedin, Florida, USA, 23 June 2024. On 17 May 2023, International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a slate of anti-LGBTQ bills, including an expansion of last year'Äôs 'Parental Rights in Education' bill, more commonly known as the 'Don'Äôt Say Gay' bill, and a ban on gender -affirming care for minors. Dunedin is Governor DeSantis' hometown. (United States) EFE/EPA/CRISTOBAL HERRERA-ULASHKEVICH

A woman dressed in an anti-DeSantis t-shirt attends the annual Pride golf cart parade in Dunedin, Florida with her dog


The so-called "quick response account" of the Desantis campaign posted the video on Twitter with the following text criticizing LGTBI celebrations and Trump: "To conclude 'Pride Month', let's listen to the politician who did more than any other Republican to celebrate."

The video sparked pushback from prominent right-wing moderates, including from Log Cabin, which bills itself as the "largest Republican organization in the country dedicated to representing LGBT conservatives."

“DeSantis' message is divisive and desperate. Republicans and other common-sense conservatives know that he has left out younger and swing-state voters,” Log Cabin officials said. And they added: "DeSantis' naive political positions are dangerous and politically stupid."

The spokesman for Trump's election team, Steven Cheung, countered that the video is part of "a desperate campaign by DeSanctus (sic), with a candidate in his last throes."

The main Republican and LGTBI group describes the spot as "stupid, naive, divisive and desperate"

Fellow Republican Richard Grenell, Trump's former director of national intelligence and the first openly gay presidential cabinet member, called the ad "homophobic, without a doubt."

DeSantis defended the video as a tool to expose the former president as a "true pioneer" in the task, according to the far left, of "injecting gender ideology" into Republican discourse.

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