Romina, daughter of Niurka Marcos, shows her stretch marks and cellulite again without fear of criticism

Romina Marcos She continues unstoppable and after being crowned champion in the dance reality show 'Hoy', she has once again conquered her fans on social networks, with whom she shared a video in which she talked about self-love while unapologetically shows every part of her body that some might see with “flaws”.

The daughter of the Cuban vedette, Niurka Marcoscontinues to show that true beauty is carried on the inside, so he once again shared a powerful message of self-love in which he imprinted his personality, but also gave a touch of sensuality.

Standing in front of the camera and wearing a tight sports outfit of short leggings and a white top, the daughter of the controversial dancer of Cuban origin, spoke again about the importance of accepting the body as it is, so she did not hesitate to show the acne marks on her face and even cellulite on her curvaceous silhouette, for which she took a few turns not to mention the details.

I have little slices, pimples, cellulite, stretch marks, flaccidity, tummy, watery buttocks and that's how I'm perfect“, Reads about the video as he shows each part of his body pointing out the alleged imperfections.

The response she had with the recording of a few seconds again made it clear that she is one of the spoiled ones within this social network, since she already has more than 500 thousand reproductions and hundreds of messages in which her followers not only admired her beauty, but they also applauded the value of showing himself as he is, always showing his own personality for which he has become a role model.

And although her messages are clear and have the same goal, Romina Marcos does not stop having fun and showing off her curvaceous silhouette, just as she did days before with another video in which she appeared dancing in a white top that showed that she is not wearing underwear. , with which he further captivated the nearly 700 thousand followers he currently has.

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