Romero Herrera asks to restore Fonden


The coordinator of the PAN Parliamentary Group, George Romero Herrera, He called for actions to be taken so that the Natural Disaster Fund (Fonden) be restored, either as it existed or as proposed by National Action, with the name of Social Support Fund for Natural Disasters (Fasden).

The foregoing, before the arrival of Hurricane Agatha in Oaxaca, which left material damage, loss of life and more than 30 missing persons, the legislator explained in a statement.

“We need a sufficient budget to deal with natural disasters. For this reason, the deputies of Acción Nacional warn Morena and allies that the disappearance of FONDEN, due to presidential whims, brings devastating consequences in states and municipalities, today Oaxaca is unfortunately an example, ”he said.

He recalled that, at the start of the Legislature, it was proposed to create the Fasden, with the aim of supporting the population that is affected by natural disasters, as well as carrying out preventive actions or addressing the damage caused by natural phenomena.

Despite this, “Morena did not want to put our proposal on the table, they did not want to legislate responsibly for the benefit of the population,” claimed the coordinator.

He warned that this is one more proof that the decisions made by steam and by orders of the President bring problems to the country in various matters such as security, economy, health, environment, countryside, among others.

“We say it once again, up front and clearly, we demand that Morena and allies join our petition; in National Action we are not going to allow his submission to continue affecting the country, the Fonden must return, we are on time”, said leader of the caucus.

He added that, due to the fact that the hurricane season is beginning, there is still time to correct the bad decisions made by the ruling majority, in order to avoid further material and human losses.

“Despite the fact that Agatha did not make landfall with a higher category, all the representatives of the parliamentary groups must take actions that help us face a catastrophe, because nature does not stop due to false austerity and the desire for destruction of the tenant of National Palace”, concluded Romero Herrera.

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