Rodolfo Hernández acknowledges electoral defeat against Gustavo Petro | News


The Colombian presidential candidate, Rodolfo Hernández, acknowledged this Sunday his electoral defeat against Gustavo Petro of the Historical Pact who was elected as the new president of the country for the period 2022-2026.


Electoral pre-count in Colombia: Gustavo Petro wins second presidential round

“I accept the result as it should be if we want our institutions to be firm,” said the representative of the Anti-Corruption Governors League, Rodolfo Hernández in a recorded video.

On the other hand, Rodolfo Hernández specified that he hopes that “this decision that has been taken will be beneficial for all”, and also referred that Colombia is heading towards the change that prevailed in the vote in the first round.

Regarding the new decision that Gustavo Petro be the new head of state, Hernández wished him the best, “I hope he knows how to lead the country, that he is faithful to his speech against corruption and that he does not disappoint those who trusted him,” he said.

Rodolfo Hernández concluded his words by thanking the Colombians who accepted his presidential proposal even though he lost.

According to the pre-count of the Registry, when counting 99.95% of the polling stations, Gustavo Petro wins the elections with 50.45 percent, while Rodolfo Hernández reached 47.30 percent.

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