Rocha presents the 2023 State Sports Award

Rocha presents the 2023 State Sports Award
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Governor Rubén Rocha Moya presented the 2023 State Sports Award to the track cyclist and recent Pan-American champion in Santiago de Chile, Luz Daniela Gaxiola González, in the category of conventional athlete.

In adapted sports, the winner was the parathlete and Paralympic medalist in Tokyo, Rosa María Guerrero Cázares.

In his message, Governor Rocha considered that it is very comforting for the state to recognize the effort that athletes and coaches make throughout the year, with the support of their families, who become the support and encouragement to achieve the results they seek. .

These awards are given every year on the occasion of November 20, the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.

“It gives me great pleasure to greet you, it is really very comforting for the State, for those of us who govern, for the parents of the athletes, of course for the athletes, because if there is any activity that involves the family, it is sport, Normally the parents are always behind the athlete, and the issue of sports is a community of great joy,” acknowledged the state president.

The award ceremony took place at the Pablo de Villavicencio Theater, where Governor Rocha presented these distinctions in the company of the Secretary of Public Education and Culture, Graciela Domínguez Nava; and the director of the Sinaloense Sports Institute, Julio César Cascajares Ramírez, who offered a welcome message to the award-winning athletes and coaches, as well as their families.

This State Sports Award also recognizes the coaching modality; In conventional sports, he was received by the associated fights coach, Paúl Orestes Morales Ortiz; and in the adapted sport modality, the athletics coach, Jorge Luis Sánchez Jiménez.

In the category of best institution or organization, the prize was awarded to the Asociación de Luchas Asociadas AC.

The first place winner of the State Sports Award, Luz Daniela Gaxiola, spoke on behalf of all the winners.

“This has been a satisfactory year, we were successful in all our international competitions, in every record, in every victory there is a great story. I want to extend recognition and congratulations to our multidisciplinary team, thank our family and friends for all their unconditional support that has been fundamental for our sporting success, and our authorities who encourage us athletes with this type of incentive, recognizing our efforts; Rest assured that we do our best to proudly represent our state and continue to be Sinaloa a benchmark in Mexican sports,” said the award-winner.

The State Sports Award recognizes the three best athletes and coaches in each of the modalities, which are conventional sport and adapted sport.

This year this distinction was shared by Luz Daniela Gaxiola with her sister, the also Pan-American champion in Santiago de Chile, María Antonieta Gaxiola González, who was awarded second place; in third place the artistic gymnast, Aarón Francisco Ibarra Osuna.

In adapted sports, the Olympic parathlete Rosa María Guerrero won first place; The second went to the track parathlete Jorge Benjamín González Sauceda and the third place went to the taekwondo para athlete, Elsa Suisei Koyama Tamayo.

In the category of best coach, they accompanied the winner Orestes Morales, the artistic gymnastics coach, Salvador Valle Verdugo in second place, and the beige-five coach, Jesús Alfredo Lerma Martínez.

As for the adapted sports coach modality, along with Jorge Luis Sánchez Sánchez, coaches Francisco Javier Galarza Meraz were recognized, in second place; and Juan Antonio Castaños Velarde, with third place.

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