Rocha Moya: 85% of public works resources tendered in my government

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During his weekly conference, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya addressed in detail how the resource has been used for public works, and specified that since the beginning of his mandate to date, 3,325 million pesos have been applied for 654 works.

A total of 2,851 million pesos have been tendered, which represents 85.74%and only the remaining 14.26% have been awarded directly because they are works that do not exceed an investment of one million 800 thousand pesos, which is permitted by the law itself.

During his conference, Governor Rocha presented a breakdown of public works, and reported that in the 2022, one thousand 566 million 691 thousand 351 pesos were investedof which, 81.79%, that is, 1 thousand 281 million 425 thousand 730 pesos were tendered in 104 contracts out of a total of 392, and the difference, that is, 288 contracts were awarded directly because they were small works, which represented an investment of 285 million 265 thousand 620 pesos, 18.21% of the total annual investment.

By 2023, To date, 1,722,113,881 pesos have been applied to public works in 232 contracts.of which 91.16%, that is, one thousand 569 million 935 thousand 407 pesos have been tendered in 107 contracts, and the rest, which is 152 million 178 thousand 474 pesos, have been awarded directly to 125 small works contracts, which represents 8.84% of the total.

In this way, during his government, which began in November 2021, a global investment of 3 thousand 325 million 79 thousand 501 pesos In public works, 85.74% has been put out to tender, which is equivalent to 2 thousand 851 million 61 thousand 162 pesos, and the remaining 474 million 18 thousand 339 pesos, 14.26%, have been awarded directly because they are works that do not They exceeded an investment of one million 800 thousand pesos individually.

“Certainly, if they count the works, but don't tell me about the work of a street with a highway, the issue is the amount of how much is tendered in this state, since in 2022 it was 81% of the work, 18% It was not put out to tender because it can be allocated for the cost of the work, and that helps us do it faster,” he added.

Governor Rocha highlighted that direct awards of small works precisely allow the needs of the people to be satisfied and attended to more expeditiously, and cited as an example the construction of 100 water wells that have been carried out to date, whose individual investment ranges between one million and 1.5 million, works that were done immediately without waiting for bidding, since this process requires a delay of 45 days as established by the bidding law.

“El Mezquite Caído, in Choix, the well did not cost us more than 1 million 800, therefore as soon as they asked for it we did it, and since last year they have had water,” he concluded.


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