Roberto Palazuelos seeks to reach the Senate; he is already a candidate

Roberto Palazuelos seeks to reach the Senate; he is already
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Roberto Palazuelos registered as a candidate for Senate of the Republic by Movimiento Ciudadano to compete for a seat to represent Quintana Roo for the 2024 elections. It was the actor and businessman himself who confirmed the news with a photograph where he appears next to the national leader of the party, Dante Delgado.

Palazuelos thanked Dante Delgado for the support on his path to serving the country. “Today I am a pre-candidate for the Senate of the Republic and I will be very active with militants and sympathizers of my party,” he wrote in the publication in which he confirmed that he would seek a seat.

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The registration of the actor and businessman also known as El Diamante Negro was approved by the National Commission of Conventions and Internal Processes of the Citizen Movement. It turned out that the registration took place in a private ceremony last week, on the afternoon of November 13, in which Dante Delgado and Jacobo Ceja, national delegate for Quintana Roo, were present.

Palazuelos conducts survey for 2024 elections

On November 15, Roberto Palazuelos conducted a survey on

“And where would you most like to see me? “In the Senate of the Republic or as municipal president of Cancún,” he wrote on the social network that Elon Musk acquired and in which he received dozens of comments, some in favor and others against.

“I don't even like to see you on TV, much less as a politician,” wrote one user, while another wrote “E where you don't see yourself.”

Others spoke out because he competed for the municipal presidency of Cancún and there were those who asked him to return to soap operas.


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