Robert G. Luna is sworn in as Los Angeles County Sheriff

Robert G Luna addresses a message after being sworn in as Los Angeles County Sheriff. (Araceli Martinez/La Opinión)

Photo: Araceli Martinez Ortega / Impremedia

By being sworn in as Los Angeles County Sheriff, Robert G. Luna pledged to uphold the principles of integrity, responsibility and partnership. It will not be until this Monday, December 5 at noon when he assumes the leadership of the largest sheriff’s department in the nation.

“We have to do things right, even when they’re not looking, and we have to abide by the code of ethics, and that starts with me.”

He stressed that they owe the community a plan to reduce crime. “If we make a mistake, we need an explanation and a strategy to let people know that we’re not going to make the same mistake twice.”

Los Angeles County Superior Court Presiding Judge-elect Samantha Jessner swears in Robert G. Luna as Los Angeles Sheriff. (Araceli Martinez/La Opinión)

Sheriff Luna said they must continually refine their policies, training and tactics.

Regarding the principle of collaboration, he said that they need less polarization, more alliances and that the best way to reduce crime is by working with the community, not against it.

“We need to build alliances to work with people and solve problems. We will view elected government officials as allies, not adversaries.”

He announced that they will cooperate with those who supervise the work of the sheriff. “I’m going to start with myself because no one is above criticism; and that is why integrity, responsibility and collaboration are very important. I know that if we embrace these three principles, we are going to be in a better place tomorrow than we are today.”

Robert G. Luna arrives for his swearing-in ceremony as Los Angeles County Sheriff. (Araceli Martinez/La Opinión)

Sheriff Luna revealed that in the coming months, we will see his team implement policies and strategies to fight crime, repair relationships with the community, address homelessness and modernize the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

“I really want to focus on our staff who have experienced undiagnosed trauma because this is one of the hardest jobs out there, and getting them help will be a priority because it makes a huge difference in how we treat each other and how we treat our community.” .

He said he wouldn’t be taking the oath as sheriff if it weren’t for the men wearing tan and green.

“When I was a kid growing up in East Los Angeles, I would look at them (sheriffs) and I wanted to be like one of you. So don’t forget (he told his classmates) that there are children outside looking at you now ”.

And he acknowledged that he is in awe of the courage, talent and experience of the 18,000 sheriffs who make up the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

“I have full confidence in our Sheriff’s Department and that we will serve our Los Angeles County residents to the best of our ability, with each and every one of you beginning Monday at noon.”

Sheriff Robert Luna receives a hug from his wife after being sworn in. (Araceli Martinez/La Opinión)

He said Angelenos from Calabasas to Claremont to Lancaster to Long Beach will find him a good listener.

“I want to thank the voters of Los Angeles County for electing me as their 34th sheriff; and for entrusting me with a very clear message, the leadership and responsibility of your Sheriff’s Department.”

He emphasized that their main job will be to keep the community safe and reverse the upward trend in crime on the streets they patrol.

“This year violent crime increased 15% and property crimes 13%. We have to review the statistics and redouble the work and change what doesn’t work. This Department has been around for over 107 years and has been successful because it has never been afraid to evolve and innovate. We have to embrace change.”

He added that they will look for policies and strategies across the country and will not be afraid to bring them to Los Angeles County. “We have to embrace 21st century police strategies that build alliances with our community and attack the roots of crime.”

Luna, 56, won the election for Los Angeles County sheriff on Nov. 8, unseating still-sheriff Alex Villanueva.

In 2021, he completed his service as the Long Beach Police Chief, capping a 36-year career with the Port Police Department. He started as a reserve officer with the Long Beach police in 1985; he was promoted as police chief in 2014.

He was inspired to be a police officer by watching the sheriff’s deputies patrolling the streets of his neighborhood in East Los Angeles, and said that whenever he played the policemen and banditshe always played the role of police.

Long Beach Mayor and Congressman-Elect Robert Garcia said Sheriff Luna is a great leader. (Araceli Martinez/La Opinión)

a fair leader

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, newly elected to Congress, whose governing port police chief is Sheriff Luna, said his core values ​​are rooted in collaboration, strength and kindness.

“Indeed, the incoming Sheriff Luna is going to be one of the nicest people you’ve ever met. A kindness that comes from love for his family, his faith and his community.

He told the Los Angeles supervisors that they are going to have a sheriff and a leader that is going to work with them. “You guys are going to enjoy working with him like I did.”

But he also mentioned that Sheriff Luna has a history of working very hard every day to reduce crime.

“We had several crises going on at the same time during the pandemic and the huge civil uprising after George Floyd, and during that time, Robert was a stellar leader who extended the difficult times and always focused his decisions on justice and doing things. the right thing”.