River Plate fan dies after falling from a grandstand at the Monumental Stadium

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A man died this Saturday when he "jumped into the void" from the Sívori Alta tribune of the monumental stadiumas explained River Platewhich caused the suspension of the match played by the Millionaires against Defense and Justice for the nineteenth day of the Professional League Tournament of Argentine soccer.

River explained in a statement hours after the event.

The Football Safety Committee and Club Atlético River Plate regret to inform that, in this afternoon's match against Defense and Justice, a supporter jumped into the void from the Sívori Alta stand and died on the spot. The medical service immediately arrived at the area of ​​the incident, as did the police and various security agencies.

According to the published text, in the fall "there was no intervention by third parties" and it was found that "there was no situation of violence in the stands or around it (by the deceased follower)."

The club clarified that the fan "had his subscription" in that area of ​​the stadium that, at the time of the fall, “It was at 90% of its capacity.”

The Núñez entity also explained that the Specialized Fiscal Unit for Massive Events, as well as security agencies, "are acting and carrying out the pertinent investigations."

As a paramedic explained to local media, the fan suffered "a very serious head injury" when he fell from the upper tray of the Sívori tribune, located at the back of the River Plate stadium.

“He died on the spot. He suffered severe trauma when he fell 15 meters. She fell or threw herself, there was no push, ”said Alberto Crescenti, head of SAME (Emergency Medical Care System) to DSports Radio.

For its part, the Argentine Football Association (AFA) published a message on its social networks to express its "condolences to family and loved ones" of the deceased supporter "and to the entire River Plate world", while "deeply regretting the death" of this follower

26 minutes had elapsed since the start of the match, which remained goalless, when the referee Fernando Rapallini ordered the suspension after being informed of the tragic event.

After this decision, which ended with both squads retiring to the locker room, the match must be rescheduled.

River is the leader of this tournament with 41 points, four away from Talleres de Córdoba, who yesterday beat Tigre with authority 1-3, while San Lorenzo, who will play this Sunday against Colón, and Estudiantes de La Plata -yesterday thrashed Barracas Central 5-2- they share the third position with 35 units.

(With information from EFE)

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