River Plate draws 1-1 against Boca Juniors in the Reserve Superclásico

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The two biggest teams meet at the River Camp

River Plate try to stop the excellent moment of Boca Juniors in it Reserve Superclassic that is disputed in the River Camp in one of the crossings valid for date 7 of the championship of that division. Those led by Marcelo Escudero They are forced to add to recover from a weak start against the leader of the Zone 2. The referee is Jesus Girett and the transmission is in charge of LPF Play.

He Millionaire He was surprised by the initial intention of the Xeneize in another's field. A suffocating pressure easily took the ball away from him to speed up the progress and the most interesting thing came on the left wing at the dawn of the duel. 120 seconds before the start, Nahuel Genez sent a perfect cross to the head of Ignacio Rodriguez. The champion of the Copa Libertadores Sub 20 He tried an unmarked header to place the ball against the goalkeeper's leg. Lucas Lavagnino.

The visiting dominance deepened with the passing of the minutes on the grounds of Ezeiza, although that did not translate into clear arrivals against the three posts. A deflected shot from Genez closed the gale crossing the quarter-hour mark. The local squad only recorded its first clear action at 21' of the initial stage with an attempt to Tiago Serrago that forced a tremendous save from Leandro Brey.

Nathan Acosta and Juan Cruz Payal responded with separate occasions that forced the intervention of Lavagnino. The same way, River Plate He closed the first half better. First, Brey had a saving cover against Claudio Echeverri and, in added time, the 10 rubbed the lamp with a good assist for the tie Enzo Rubio.

The tone of matches seemed to be repeated with the return of the 22 players to the field, but those led by Mariano Herron They retreated in the face of the opposing advance. In that section, Echeverri He hooked from the left to the center to shake with a shot that forced the rival goalkeeper to stretch. He little devil was the great figure of Millionaire in the generation of play and also suffered harsh infractions, such as the kick of Mauricio Benitez (was cautioned) at 65 minutes.

Claudio Diablito Echeverri is the figure of River Plate for the Reserve Superclásico
Claudio Diablito Echeverri is the figure of River Plate for the Reserve Superclásico

The cast riverplatense needs to take advantage of the mischief little devil in search of his second victory in the tournament. The host recovered at three consecutive defeats from the beginning against Argentinos, Barracas Central and Vélez to achieve their first victory on the fourth day against Arsenal (1-0) as a visitor, but fell with a tie and a defeat against Atlético Tucumán and banfieldrespectively.

On the opposite path, Boca Juniors He left behind a bad semester after finishing in 14th place in the Professional League. With Leandro Brey at the head, the whole of the riverbank He becomes strong between the three sticks to be the one with the fewest goals scored along with Tigre (2 goals) and remains undefeated with one game less. His most recent duel dates back to Thursday, September 14, with the 3-2 victory against Lanus as a visitor. The pointer of the Zone 2 He has 13 points, one more than his immediate second, racing.

Beyond this, Brey next to Diablito Echeverri They are the most resonant among fans because of the opportunities they have had on the professional team. The former man of The Andes He debuted with Boca Juniors on April 12, 2022 against Always Ready in The Bombonera by Libertadores Cup and, on more than one occasion, he has gone to the First Division bench, while the 17-year-old forward, with experience in the youth team of the National Team, played 4 games in River Plate, all belonging to the Professional League of the highest category.

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River Plate: Lucas Lavagnino; Lucas Obregón, Daniel Zabala, Felipe Álvarez, Gonzalo Trindade; Enzo Rubio, Sebastián Sánchez, Tiago Serrago; Claudio Echeverri; Oswaldo Valencia and Agustín Ruberto. DT: Marcelo Escudero.

Boca Juniors: Leandro Brey; Natan Acosta, Lautaro Di Lollo, Aaron Anselmino, Nahuel Genez; Jabes Saralegui, Mauricio Benítez, Julián Ceballos; Juan Cruz Payal; Simón Rivero and Ignacio Rodríguez. DT: Mariano Herrón.

Stadium: River Camp

Referee: Jesus Girett

Transmission: LPF Play (streaming)

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