Rivaldo is being investigated for allegedly financing coup acts in Brazil

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The Brazilian Federal Police investigates whether the former soccer player Rivaldo and Neymar's sister, Rafaella Santosfinanced the coup acts of January 8after several detainees revealed that they were among the donors, as informed by one of the organizers, the gospel singer Salomao Vieira.

Vieira is under a prison order for organizing and financing through donations the so-called coup camps, from which hundreds of people left for the headquarters of Congress, the Supreme Court and the Planalto Palacein Brasilia.

Vieira is believed to be hiding in Paraguay, where they were detained last month by the Interpol three people who participated in the January 8 attacks, at the request of the Brazilian authorities, the magazine says Veja.

Upon his return to Brazil, one of these detainees told the Police that he lived for a time in Paraguay with Vieira, who revealed to him the identity of some of these alleged donors, including Rivaldo and Santos herself. The former soccer player, he added, gave about 50 thousand reais (almost 180 thousand pesos).

Through his lawyers, Rivaldo confirmed that he gave money to Vieria, but that the amount did not exceed 2 thousand reais (400 dollars) and that it was intended for 'needy people in the church', while Santos' defense affirms that She did not transfer any money to the gospel singer.

Rivaldo is one of several Brazilian athletes who publicly declared their support for Bolsonaro, even participating in his campaign. On the day of his defeat in the elections, he compared that to the disaster that Brazil suffered in the 1998 World Cup Finalwhen France gave them a 3-0.

Santos, like his brother Neymar, also expressed his public support for the former president.

Vieira, like other defendants, also fugitives, such as the bloggers Oswaldo Eustáquio and Allan dos Santospublished on their social networks the purchase receipts for the supplies and provisions that were sent to the camps, from which they asked the Army for a coup d'état.

(With information from Europa Press)

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