Rises to 45 death toll from explosion in hotel in Cuba | News


The Presidency of Cuba reported this Thursday that the death toll rose to 45 as a result of the gas explosion that occurred on May 6 at the Hotel Saratoga, located in downtown Havana.


Homes are being built for those affected by a hotel explosion in Cuba

Through its account on the social network Twitter, the Cuban Presidency specified that after completing the rescue and rescue efforts, so far, the death toll is “44 compatriots and one Spanish citizen.”

In the latest report presented by the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, it was reported that as of 11:30 am (local time) some 98 people were injured, of which 16 are hospitalized, and 38 patients were discharged.

In addition, he explained that those hospitalized receive care in six health centers in the Cuban capital, being 12 adults (eight men and four women) and four minors (three male and one female).

Regarding adults, seven are reported as care, one as serious and four as critical. As for minors, one is reported as care, one as serious and two as critical.

Among the deceased there are four minors, a pregnant woman and a foreign citizen. They have all been identified.

“We reiterate our gratitude to all agencies, organizations and people in general, who have supported the actions we carry out with patients and their families, as well as the concern shown by hospitalized patients,” said the Ministry of Public Health.

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