Rises to 22 death toll from flood in Ecuador | News

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The update of the figures of deceased in the flood that occurred on Monday afternoon in a sector of the capital of Ecuador, Quito, amounted to 22 at noon this Tuesday according to the National Service for Risk and Emergency Management of Ecuador (SNGRE) .


The death toll from a flood in Quito, Ecuador, rises to 11

The accounting of the damages and the victims due to the alluvium registered this Monday in the La Gasca sector, northwest of Quito, already reaches 20 missing and 47 injured, as confirmed by the mayor of the city of Quito, Santiago Guarderas.

Meanwhile, the Risk Management Service also details that there are three homes destroyed and three families affected.

The director of ECU 911, Juan Zapata and Mayor Guarderas specified that two of the injured are in a critical situation and admitted to a hospital, as well as another seven injured have already been discharged, while the rest are being treated in nine houses. city ​​health.

The Fire Department, with the support of other institutions, continue with different search tasks for the missing persons and according to the chief of operations of the Quito Fire Department, Henry Silva said that his body is focused on a piece of land where the disappearance of at least two people, although it is a place which is full of rubble.

According to the meteorological services, 75 mm of rain accumulated, when only 2 mm was expected, as a result of which the capacity of the catchment and reservoir infrastructures for the rainwater that descends from the Pichincha volcano, which is located in the west of the city.

This volume represents a record figure in almost two decades, only registered in 2003.

Several sectors of the city of Quito were left without electricity and it has not yet been resolved according to the Empresa Eléctrica Quito (EEQ).

In the area where the mudflow passed, tree trunks can be seen, which fell from the volcano dragged by the water, as well as power lines and fallen cables, as well as cars covered in mud.

During the day on Tuesday, new updates are expected on the number of deceased.

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