Riquelme announces his farewell match with the assistance of Messi | Video

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Juan roman riquelme announced on Wednesday that the June 25 will be his tribute party, which will count, according to what he said, with the stellar presence of Lionel Messi.

At a press conference where he was visibly moved, riquelme he claimed:

Messi will be For me it is also a dream, the greatest player. We were lucky to have him and Maradona. And I was lucky to play with both. He will be in the most beautiful stadium in the world, with the most wonderful people in the world.

The former player, 44 years old and one of the greatest figures in the history of Boca Juniorsclub from which toHe is currently second vice presidentHe said that every day that passes he wonders Why are they so fond of him?

I don't understand. I have been a soccer player, nine years have passed (since their last game), and that people want to come to the field seems too much to me. On the 25th, La Bombonera will be wonderful again, as always.

and added one of top idols xeneizes in a conference he gave with the president Jorge Amor Ameal.

I don't know if there will be more games, I'm already big. The boys who are invited are telling me yes. I don't know if everyone will be able to enter the Boca field.

As he stated, "time has passed" since the last game he played with Argentine Juniors.

“I have to come to the field as a fan. There are moments that I feel that I would not dare to enter this field. I had to go into the locker room, putting on the club jumpsuit again is like going back in time and it seems easy. It's going back to the garden at home. I will enjoy it as much as the people," he said. riquelmewhose last match as a professional was December 7, 2014 with the jacket of Argentinos Juniors against Douglas Haig.

The teams are already clear. If I have to put together two Boca teams, Messi was not going to be able to play. It will be Boca against the Argentine team. I'm calling Coco (Basile) and I can't find him, I hope to find him before the 25th.

and made reference to Carlos Bianchi:

He is more than a coach for me. In 1998 he taught us to compete and dream. And he brought joy to our fans. He made it very easy for our club to win the Copa Libertadores. The culprit for asking us to win the Cup is him. I feel like someone in my family.

"He's back from France to don't miss this game and he will be on the field", he concluded about the composition of the teams of a match that will be held one day after the tribute match that will be held in Rosario to Maximilian Rodriguez.

(With information from EFE)

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