Río Grijalva takes bodies from the pantheon; rain disaster

Río Grijalva takes bodies from the pantheon; rain disaster
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The Grijalva River threatens to 'swallow' the ejidal cemetery and homes in the Cedral sector of the Gaviotas Sur neighborhood, in Tabasco, an area that is repeatedly punished during the rainy season.

On this occasion, as a result of the growth of the river, due to the rains of the Cold Front Number 8, the channel destroyed the natural margin of this tributary, which caused a dozen crypts to succumb and end up at the bottom of the water with everything and deceased; while seven other homes in Los Almendros alley are at risk of falling.

Residents of Cedral, whose dead rest in that pantheon, and municipal authorities are preparing an operation to relocate the human remains from at least 90 graves.

Antonio Méndez, head of the pantheon, announced that while this is happening, five families have decided to remove the remains of their relatives.

In the cemetery, where there are 1,080 vaults, also lie the remains of José Guadalupe, nephew of Gustavo Alonso Palma, who in an interview with Excelsior He said that “we are afraid that erosion will continue to advance because when we buried them the grave was about fifty meters away from the shore of the Grijalva River, now the distance is only 10 meters.”

Governor Carlos Manuel Merino pointed out that, although the emergency is already being addressed, marginal protection will have to wait until the 'dry' season arrives, that is, when the rains end.

At least seven houses in danger

Seven homes in total are threatened with being swept away by the river, especially now that heavy rains are expected due to Cold Front number 9.

José Arturo Gómez Asencio, coordinator of municipal Civil Protection, said that as a precautionary measure the area was evacuated, however, Cristina Delgado was one of the people who watched in despair as the river took away her home.

“My house had a room, bathroom, kitchen. We had been living there for 10 years, it was a piece of land that my husband bought for 120 thousand pesos, but today we have nothing left,” he said with concern.

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