'Ring of Fire' casts a shadow over America: Annular Solar Eclipse 2023

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Yesterday, much of the American continent was amazed by the eclipse that darkened the sky for at least 10 minutes. According to NASA, the astronomical phenomenon is called annular, since the Moon passed in the same direction as the Sun, but at its furthest point from the planet, which forms a ring of Fire.

Countries such as the United States, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Brazil were the ones that enjoyed the event the most, since they had a visibility of up to 90%, while in Ecuador and Venezuela with 60% % and in Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina and others it was decreasing.

In the case of Mexico, the eclipse had a visibility of between 60% and 90%, with Yucatán being the privileged state.


Quintana Roo was almost on par. In Chetumal there was a unique and unforgettable celebration, since from nine in the morning, families and students of different levels began to arrive to participate in the observation through telescopes installed on the flag esplanade, in front of the government palace of the state.

The temperature of 32 degrees and wind chill of 43 was not an impediment for hundreds of families to gather for such an important event. Although many were prepared with umbrellas and fans, hydration areas were also set up where authorities offered free water to attendees.


Tabasco residents of all ages gathered on the esplanade of the Tabasco 2000 Planetarium to observe the eclipse, a natural phenomenon that had not occurred in a similar way in Mexico since 1991.

In Tabasco, 20 observation headquarters were installed; One of the busiest was the Planetarium in the city of Villahermosa, where long lines of entire families formed who came to observe this wonderful phenomenon.


From very early on, national tourists, foreigners and Campeche residents gathered at various points of the walled city of Campeche, such as San José el Alto where one of the fortifications is located in the upper part of the capital, also on the esplanade of the Republic. , the city's boardwalk as well as Edzna Mayan archaeological site.

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Enrique González traveled from Villahermosa to witness this natural phenomenon “It is something unusual and something that I am going to see something like this in my life, I come with some friends, we traveled all morning precisely for that and it is something that excites me,” he said.


The entity has a lot of history in astronomical observation, proof of this is the more than three thousand people who gathered to live the experience of observing the natural phenomenon at the Canuto Muñoz Mares Municipal Astronomical Observatory of Oaxaca.

The Observatory has 50 years of uninterrupted activity, it is in Cerro del Fortín, near the Guelaguetza auditorium.


Marveled by the astronomical phenomenon, hundreds of people took to the streets to observe it; For this, three headquarters were allocated by the Star Hunters.

With telescopes and lenses it was observed by those attending the CCH Campus Durango and the Cathedral in the capital.


Even though it was cloudy, hundreds of Hidalgo residents packed the four meeting centers to appreciate the eclipse, which were set up by members of the Astronomical Society of the State of Hidalgo.

Entire families went to these places where they had to wait one to two hours to gain access.

-With information from Adrián Virgen, Emmanuel Rincón, Fátima Vázquez, Patricia Briseño, Alma Gudiño, Fabiola Xicoténcatl and Lourdes López.


Yucatán had a privileged place, since the solar eclipse was witnessed in its maximum splendor, one of the most important astronomical phenomena in recent years.

Children, young people and adults watched in wonder at this astronomical phenomenon that will not be repeated in the state until the year 2052, commented Daniela Tarhuni, head of Science Dissemination at the ENES of the UNAM.

This type of eclipse was of utmost importance for the Mayans and their culture, since as a result of this phenomenon they could predict the behavior of the stars, in addition to the fact that it represented a bad omen for them.

In Yucatán, various headquarters with telescopes were installed, as well as the archaeological zones enabled observation sites.

To conclude the event, high school students in Mayan attire danced traditional music to welcome the Sun and say goodbye to the Moon.

-Ernesto Méndez and Flor Castillo


The maximum peak of the eclipse in the capital occurred at 11:09 in the morning yesterday.

One of the largest events took place in the Ciudad Universitaria Islands, where 70 thousand people attended. Even the line to obtain the special lenses reached as far as Insurgentes.

-From the Editor

Photo: Cuartoscuro

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