Ricky Martin’s husband is infected with Covid-19


Mexico.-Despite the fact that the singer recently added a victory to his life, Jwan Yosef’s days are not going so well and Ricky Martin’s husband was infected with Covid-19.

Jwan Yosef, husband of Ricky Martin, made his diagnosis known through his Instagram stories, a social network where he is followed by just over 735 thousand followers.

Jwan Yosef, 37 years old, is sharing on the platform how his days are going since he got the dreaded coronavirus.

Jwan Yosef is infected with Covid-19


With a bit of humor, the husband of Ricky Martin, claims to be well as well as shared a short video where he shows a good countenance; however, when it comes to smiling, his teeth shine due to the absence of one of his teeth.

Jwan Yosef


Of course, humor is a tool that the Swedish painter of Syrian origin uses to assure his followers that there is nothing to worry about.

It should be noted that until today, the artist has been infected for 4 days, so he is very close to getting rid of the disease whose symptoms he has coped with very well.

Jwan Yosef


Although Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef showed that they stick together in the face of strong storms, this time they are not.

The couple is estranged, while the painter is isolated at home in order to infect more people with Covid-19, Ricky Martin is in Dallas, where he is recording a music video soon to be released.

This was reported by himself on his Instagram account where he shared a selfie of himself, shirtless, and said he was focused on his projects.

“Today I worked, I studied a script, I shaved, I took a little sun. Now I want to watch a movie, what do you recommend? Then to sleep that tomorrow I travel early to Dallas, see you now, ”she wrote yesterday.

What makes it clear that the artist is not infected, however, it is unknown if the singer’s children and his partner are.

Ricky Martin


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