Ricciardo could miss the closing of F1 2023

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The head of runway engineering AlphaTauriJonathan Eddolls, has hinted at a delay in Daniel Ricciardo's return following the injury he suffered during Friday's Dutch Grand Prix when trying to avoid an impact with Oscar Piastri's McLaren.

During Friday of Japanese Grand Prix At the Suzuka circuit, Eddolls met with a group of media and indicated in statements reported by RacingNews365 that they do not want to rush Ricciardo's return to the F1 car this year so Liam Lawson It could continue until there is a clearer idea about the Australian's injury.

“We saw it in Singapore, he is still going through that recovery phase. I would say that we are still talking about there being some time left, so I wouldn't like to put a goal on it,” said Eddolls when talking about the recovery of the Australian who was expected to return for the Qatar GP.

Ricciardo returned to Formula 1 to replace the Dutchman Nyck de Vries but in Holland he suffered an injury when he broke a metacarpal in his left hand when he did not let go of the steering wheel of his AT04. That led to the Faenza team having as a replacement Liam Lawson who scored his first F1 points last weekend in Singapore.

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The AlphaTauri manager noted that before Ricciardo gets back into the car they want to evaluate his progress in the simulator.

“The recovery is going well, we have some simulator work planned before a return and I think, on our part and on their part, there is no rush to get him back too soon. “We don’t want him to come back early and have more problems.”

Ricciardo is expected to be announced as an AlphaTauri driver in 2024 this weekend alongside Yuki Tsunoda taking advantage of being in the country of engine supplier Honda.

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