Ricardo O'Farrill's best friend died of cancer at age 16

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Ricardo O'Farrill has gone through hard times in his life and although it is known that the famous person went through a mental health crisis a few months ago, years ago he faced a very strong loss in their life.

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, the standup remembered his best childhood friend, César, who unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer as a teenager.

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“We are about to enter secondary school, we called those with shaved heads coccolisos and he told me that one day he was going to be coccallisos: 'I have blood cancer' they were going to give him chemotherapies. He spent a lot of time without going to school, he went and so on throughout high school. There was a time when they said he was going to die and I told my dad about this and with his students from the gospel classes he started collecting money so that he would have access to better health and he bought himself a few more years of life. ”.

Richie O' Farrill said he found out about his friend's death when he went to his house with other schoolmates and saw his ashes on the bed.

“In 2006 César was already very seriously ill and I went to his house to play Nintendo and he spent hours lying down, he was very good. I felt like I was the only one in the class who was going to visit him and one Saturday, I was already on vacation from high school, a classmate spoke to me and told me that they were going to bring flowers to César and I said: 'Go until the entire room is raffled'. When I arrived at his house, César's ashes were on top of his bed and a friend turned to me and said: 'When did you find out?' And so now. It was a very bitter pill to swallow, I was very angry because they did not notify me and I understand that the family was experiencing their grief, but he was a person that I loved and admired so much.

Finally, the comedian remembered the lessons his friend left him in comedy.

“With him I learned to be extroverted, to enjoy comedy and to enjoy life. Prior to the moment in which he was in bed, there was someone who squeezed everything in his last moments and died at the age of 16.”

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