Ricardo O' Farrill talks about what happened at Mau Nieto's wedding

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A few months ago Ricardo O'Farrill He was in controversy after the scandal that went viral at the wedding of standup singer Mau Nieto. After what happened, Richie made some live broadcasts where he spoke badly of other comedians and what led to him being admitted to some rehabilitation clinics for a manic depressive episode.

Months after what happened, Ricardo O'Farrill told in an interview with Yordi Rosado What happened at the wedding and the discussion he had with the standup singer Daniel Sosa that day. In the talk, Richie pointed out that his annoyance with Daniel occurred a few days before the event.

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“I provoked Daniel, there were no blows at any time, we don't know how to fight. Days ago, during a recording of a show, Daniel had not shut up during the entire show, another person was recording his special and he was talking. I was in the back with my sister and my mom, they were upset. When I was at the wedding, Daniel tried to say hello to me, I turned around and told him: 'next time you go to a standup show, shut the hell up because you didn't let me hear' and he turned on, stepped on my boots and then they wanted me calm down, but I said I was calm.”

Ricardo O 'Farrill noted that after another comment from Daniel Sosa, they began to argue even more.

"I sat down to talk with Fran Hevia and a second time happened, he tried to provoke me, he said something, I don't remember, I stopped and told him: 'Tell me again what you were telling me.' We were upset and she told me: 'tell your mother to get the morgue' as if she was going to kill me. As a result of that: 'I was going to hire security personnel on Monday, but because of your threat I am going to make him come tomorrow' and I told him for my own good, not because he is coming to harm him."

The standup explained that something that hurt him on the day of the wedding was that no one he considered his friends came out to defend him, which is why he got angry and went to social media to talk about them.

“When we got to the wedding they told me that I was banned, I got very angry and that I had not violated him (Daniel Sosa), I was not drunk, I had not done cocaine, I was under a manic depressive outbreak and marijuana (…), I wanted to give a gift to Mau and they were prohibiting me from entering to leave the gift, I started to get very upset, I remember security pushing me and no one coming out, they told me that no one came out because no one found out, it broke my heart that no one came out. He defended that he was the one who was plagued at the wedding. "I left angry and tweeted that Daniel Sosa had threatened to kill me (...), I didn't stop making lives and I had fought with my friends, with Daniel Sosa and I went to fight with Aeroméxico."

Richie O'Farrill reflected and He commented that his actions caused him to lose several friendsbut there were also others who cared about him like Chumel Torres.

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“I said things that were very wrong and that's why I lost so many friends. In retrospect it is a great analysis about mental health, behaving well, giving you an idea of ​​how low you can fall and how there are consequences that cannot be turned back. Chumel said that he opened a bag of potatoes to watch the live show, a tear came out, he wiped it away and went to see me, Diego Alfaro (…), they are the ones who stood outside my house and no one else.”

Finally, he revealed that he was able to fix things with some people, but there are still others who have not spoken to him and even have him blocked from social networks or WhatsApp.

“Daniel was very nice when I uploaded the video apologizing, he looked for me that same day and we had a coffee the next day, I went to Alex Fernández's house (…), there are people who have blocked me, I tried with everyone because I felt this commitment, this shame, but that all of Mexico found out but the shame you have with these people. There are those who do not answer me and I understand it. Mau, when the episode with La Cotorrisa came out, sent me a message saying that he loved me very much, but with this distance marked forever.

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