Ricardo Cadena fined for criticizing arbitration in the National Classic | Tweet


Richard Chaintechnical director of Chivaswas fined this Monday after criticizing the arbitration in the National Classic this Saturday between America Y guadalajara, held at the Azteca Stadium.

The Mexican Soccer Federation announced that the strategist will be financially sanctioned after criticizing the whistler Adonai Escobedo because He did not go to review a possible goal to the VAR monitor.

The Disciplinary Commission reports that it decided to financially sanction the Technical Director of Club Guadalajara, Mr. Ricardo Cadena Martinez, since during the press conference of the match corresponding to Day 15 of the 2022 Opening Tournament, between Clubs América and Guadalajara, he criticism of arbitration, violating the Sanctions Regulations of the Mexican Soccer Federation, in particular article 71, paragraph d).

String rated as ‘terrible’ arbitration, after the controversial save by William Ochoa which did not make it clear whether or not the ball went over the goal line.

You judge the actions. There is an image circulating on social networks. I don’t know why they didn’t check it out. I’m not talking about arbitration, but nowadays it’s terrible.

According to article 71 paragraph d) of the Sanctions Regulations of the Mexican Soccer Federation, String You will receive a fine that can range from 288 thousand pesos to more than half a million; however, he was saved from a one-match suspension.

(With information from AS Mexico)

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