Ricardo Cadena clings to the match against the Dominican after falling in his debut

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With a hard setback, the Mexican National Team began its participation in the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago, Mexico fell 1-0 to Chile, the host team of the international tournament. Despite the adverse result, the tricolor coach, Ricardo Cadena, was satisfied with the disposition of his team in the desire to seek a better result.

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Of course the result is not good, however, I get the feeling that the boys in their time did or tried to do everything to deserve a better result, in the end there are many positive things to rescue and we have a tournament ahead of us, so we are not going to give up, we have a chance in the next three days against the Dominican Republic and it is the game we have to work on, that is going to be the most important from now on," he said.

Maximiliano Guerrero's goal went up the scoreboard shortly before half an hour into the match, from then on the dominoes were practically La Roja's, however, according to Cadena, the tricolor team closed the match with better football arguments than the rival.

I think that as we closed the game by putting the opponent in, it was difficult, complicated, but we were able to put them in their court, we created situations, we tried to put that pressure that we needed to even the game, I think that in the end it does not allow us to get the goal that they asked us to give and square, but it leaves me with that nice feeling, that's why I say that emotionally I think we finished well except for the defeat.

The fans on the Sausalito Stadium field were a factor to take into account. The home team meant an important emotional boost for the rivals who knew how to take advantage of the inattention of the Mexican defense.

Chile is the venue, it is the host, the people supporting it of course, we have to be intelligent to first endure that possible gale and today it leaves me with that good feeling because apart from that we were able to make adjustments, I think the adjustments adapted well to what we intended. and well today we have a nice mission in the next game against the Dominican Republic which is to go get the three points."

Finally, Cadena acknowledged that the restriction of playing with a squad with an age limit is not an excuse for defeat.

Finally, whether it affects or not, I am not going to use it as an excuse, we have a good squad, I am delighted with what we brought, they are very talented kids, with a lot of capacity, we bring young people under the age, but today they were the ones that I used in the second half, the changes I made and you can see that they are hungry, that they have finish, that they have faith, that they have confidence and obviously the desire to transcend."


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