RICA Corporation and OXXO inaugurate the First Training Center for Seniors in Morelos

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The bottler of the Coca-Cola Del Valle system, Corporación RICA, directed by Miguel Ángel Guizado, agreed to an alliance between his Doña Margarita Mission Foundation and the OXXO commercial chain to benefit seniors. That is why they inaugurated the First Training Center for Seniors in Cuautla, Morelos, as part of the commitment to achieve actions in favor of the community with a positive impact.

This alliance consists of the conditioning and equipping with 16 computer equipment, audiovisual equipment and educational platform of the First Training Center for Older Adults in Cuautla, within the facilities of the Doña Margarita Mission Foundation; located in the Manantiales neighborhood of said town, which will be in charge of executing the training program on digital issues.

Doña Margarita Mission Foundation has 25 years of experience in training for work and comprehensive development of women. And with this new training program, it provides training for adults over 60 years of age of both sexes so that they can perfect their digital and technological skills necessary to face the contemporary world of work.

Representing the OXXO commercial chain, Gerardo Marín, Manager of Plaza de Cuautla, stated that: “OXXO is committed to the talent of the elderly, whose attitude and commitment that they present every day, inspires us, infects us and shows that "They have sufficient talents and skills to detect the main current challenges in order to seek a deeper and more meaningful professional preparation for older adults by offering them comprehensive training in employability and occupation."

Likewise, Nancy Leo Porraz, Deputy Director of the Misión De Doña Margarita Foundation, commented: “For our Foundation it is pleasing to be able to join efforts and achieve alliances for the benefit of the community, under the premise of the golden triangle, where authorities, private initiative and society We add to obtain greater benefits for everyone.

This collaboration with OXXO Commercial Chain gives us the opportunity to contribute to a better quality of life for older people; Thanks to our joint efforts, the elderly adults of Cuautla, Morelos will find in the Foundation a space to learn, develop, both personally and professionally, make friends and be part of a community of mutual help.”

The requirements to be able to enter the training courses are: copy of the birth certificate, copy of the INE and being 60 years of age.

Since 1999, Fundación Doña Margarita has trained more than 24 thousand women at its two headquarters in Cuautla, Morelos, and Pachuca, Hidalgo. Corporación Rica is a bottler and marketer of the Coca-Cola system, as well as Jugos Del Valle, it is one of the 8 bottlers, and is part of the Mexican Coca - Cola Industry in the territories of Hidalgo, Morelos and part of Puebla. It has 2 production plants and 16 distribution centers, generating more than 2,600 direct and 20,000 indirect jobs.

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