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The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced this Wednesday that “dispenses with the services of the general secretary, Andreu Camps“, shortly after showing his support for the Spanish teams and anticipate what I would carry out “the planned changes”.

“The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has dispensed with the services of the general secretary today, Andreu Camps. From this moment, and in this transition time until the end of the electoral process, her functions will be assumed by the director of the Presidential Cabinet, Elvira Andrés, in the representative sphere as secretary of the governing and representative bodies of the Federation,” says the official note.

On the other hand, executive functions will be assumed Alfredo Olivares, current Director of Competitions, adds the RFEF, which points out that the decision was made in accordance with article 39.2 of the Statutes of the Federation.

The RFEF took another step in its intention to make “changes” after the resignation of the former president Luis Rubiales and the delicate situation around some world champions who demand measures to return to the women's team.

The RFEF is aware of the absolute need to start a new stage and close the institutional crisis that opened after the National Team's victory in the World Cup.

“The Federation wants to show its support to all international who are going through these unwanted circumstances; and reiterates apologies for what happened after the victory in the World Cup to each of them and, in particular, to Jenni Hermoso, immersed in a situation that she has not generated. We will always support them“he added.

The organization considered it “important to point out” that, after the events “of the last few hours”, it has not had the “intention at any time to bring more noise and pressure to the players”regretting “deeply that this has been considered due to the form chosen for the call for the next matches.”

During the last few days we have reiterated our public commitment to make structural changes to begin this new stage, absolutely necessary, that respects criteria of good governance, transparency and equality.

The federation explained that it understands the governance as “as rectitude in the management of one's affairs; independent management, without interference, autonomous and determined”, while the transparency It is the “summary of the vocation and need” to open “to society” so that they know “what” they do, “how” and “why” what they do “is the best for Spanish football.”

Finally, the equality as “opportunities for all; between sexes and also between the different football actors and actresses.”

Equality that is summarized in that we all have the same options to enjoy our sport safely, freely and always aspiring to the highest levels of success.

“We understand that the Players need to feel that the Federation is their home, a safe environment where you can show your professionalism and sporting quality while showing off the privilege of representing Spain. The steps taken so far by the current leadership of the RFEF have always sought this objective. Neverthelesswe recognize that until yesterday, Tuesday, we have not managed to create a climate of trust with the international“, he stressed.

Finally, the RFEF assured that it has “accelerated the planned changes” and that they have already “communicated this decision to both the CSD and the international players.”

Spanish football deserves absolute recognition, and all of us who are part of it must unite to achieve it.

(With information from Europa Press)

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