RFEF accuses Jenni Hermoso of lying and having "been abducted by the FutPro Union"

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The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has issued a new statement in which it ensures that the player Jenni Hermoso has lied in her statements against Luis Rubiales and that she has "been abducted by the FutPro Union".

"Once the RFEF has proven that the player Ms. Jennifer Hermoso was lying in the statements she made, through the FutPro Union, we have learned of a new statement - now, from the player - where, in a text clearly prepared by third parties, in order to have the necessary elements for the suspension of the functions of the President of the Federation, we must state that Ms. Jennifer Hermoso lies in all the statements she makes against the President, as we will have the opportunity to prove at the time opportune ”, affirms the letter of the federative organism.

In it, it indicates that they have "all the pertinent reports and expert opinions that prove what the President has stated and that we are going to take the corresponding legal actions against all those people who are falsifying reality and committing very serious crimes."

The RFEF recalls that in its statements on the night of the match before the media, questioned about the kiss, that it had been "the moment, the outpouring and of the moment, that there is nothing further, and that it is going to stay in a anecdote and that's it, that... people... if they want to hype it up, they're going to give it to them and who doesn't, well no”, and that “she also posted a video on social networks in which she points out that she had authorized that kiss as a sample of effusiveness with a "vale".

In this way, the organization points out that "it is extraordinarily incomprehensible" that the soccer player "now affirms in that elaborate statement that she considers the aforementioned anecdotes as an 'abuse in which there was no consent', feeling 'vulnerable and victim of aggression, an impulsive and macho act out of place and without any consent on my part'”.

”The serious contradictions in the initial account of what happened – which are revealed in the integrity report – and the serious accusations made by Ms. Hermoso since she was abducted by the FutPro Union lead us to ask ourselves whose interests she responds to the surprising change in the initial version and qualification of the facts”, adds the RFEF.

“The facts are what they are; and, no matter how many statements are made to distort reality, it is impossible to change what happened. The peak was spoiled. The consent is given at the moment with the conditions of the moment. Later you can think that you have made a mistake, but you cannot change reality”, concludes the federation community.

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