Retirees in Uruguay reject loss of value of their pensions | News

The National Organization of Associations of Retirees and Pensioners of Uruguay (Onajpu) reiterated its rejection of the loss of purchasing power of their pensions, after several days of mobilizations before the instances of the Uruguayan Government.


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The Secretary General of Onajpu, Daniel Baldassari, specified that the adjustment of retirement and pensions for the years 2020 and 2021 have meant a substantial reduction in their purchasing power.

“In 2020, inflation was 9.41 percent and the adjustment was 7.58 percent; In 2021, inflation was 7.96 percent and the average salary index reached 6.16 percent, which is the adjustment that will be applied to retirement and pensions in the current year,” Baldassari said.

�� In the interior of the country, the note delivered to the Executive Tower was disseminated and it was also delivered to departmental authorities.

Posted by Onajpu on Wednesday, February 16, 2022

The Uruguayan union insisted that the wages of contracted workers have lost their purchasing value and therefore retirement and pensions have been adjusted below the minimum price index.

In the context of an increase in inflation, the Onajpu had already asked the government to consider the salary adjustment not only with the Average Salary Index (IMS) and to make an adjustment higher than this parameter, according to the guarantees offered by the Constitution to the powers of the president.

“The loss of purchasing power is felt when making daily purchases and those who suffer the most are those who earn less. Since the 1989 Plebiscite was able to adjust pensions and pensions according to the Average Salary Index (IMS) and not according to the political will of the government, purchasing capacity had been recovered, but now the increase does not cover inflation”.