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Why is the count taking so long in the West?

The tension of election day has focused on Nevada and Arizona. With Georgia out of the equation, winning both seats is critical to controlling the upper house. The count, however, is agonizing. And it is not expected to have been clear in the contests so important this Wednesday.

In Nevada, for example, the official in charge of counting votes in Clark County (Las Vegas, the most populous) has explained that they are processing all the packages that arrived by mail on Monday, which add up to about 14,000 envelopes. plus. And this without counting the ballots that were deposited in the mail this Tuesday during election day, which are also legal. "It's a considerable amount," Joe Gloria said Wednesday. The official has informed that there will be an update tonight, but that it will be "minimal".

These votes can be definitive for the race for the Senate. Currently, Republican Adam Laxalt, supported by Donald Trump, is in the lead with an advantage of 22,000 votes against Catherine Cortez Masto, the Democrat who is fighting to stay in the Senate. Only 66% of the ballots have been counted in a State with 3.2 million inhabitants.

In Washoe County, in the same State, the person in charge of the elections affirmed that they have received 4,000 ballots by courier service. "It's definitely a lot more than we expected today," he said. Unlike Clark County, Washoe is a Republican stronghold where Laxalt has a better chance of extending his lead of less than two percentage points.

In Arizona the picture is similar. Democrats Mark Kelly and Katie Hobbs have seen their advantages reduced over the hours in the battles for the Senate and local government, respectively. 33% of the votes remain to be counted. In Pinal County alone, 26,000 ballots remain to be processed, 9,000 in Yuma and 12,000 in Cochise. Local law gives until November 28 to close the counting process.

The photograph is from Reuters.

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