Restoring energy will cost 2,600 million pesos; CFE work in Guerrero

Restoring energy will cost 2,600 million pesos; CFE work in
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In Guerrero, reconstruction and major work and maintenance tasks will begin due to the damage caused by the hurricane Otis with a cost of more than 2.6 billion pesos, announced the director of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), Manuel Bartlett Díaz.

At the beginning of the appearance before deputies, Bartlett stated that in Acapulco “in just 8 days the electrical service was restored.”

The official explained that 3,650 workers, 280 cranes, 875 vehicles, 150 emergency plants, 38 lighting towers, 7 helicopters and more than 7,500 tons of material were assigned.

As part of the gloss of the Fifth Government Report, Bartlett Díaz said that the CFE's task in Guerrero "does not end with ensuring the electricity supply, there remained the problem of connection for the damaged houses and buildings."

According to the director of the public company, it is now supporting the repair directly of the homes, replacing the tubes and bases that normally correspond to the user.

In this regard, he listed that 370 colonies have been visited, which represents 70 percent. “Municipalities are also supported so that they can reconnect public lighting as soon as possible,” he added.

He also emphasized that, by presidential instruction, energy will not be charged in the next 4 months to the damaged area, through an agreement with the Ministry of Finance that will be published in the Official Journal of the Federation.

Before the United Commissions on Energy and Infrastructure, he maintained that the hurricane Otis that hit Acapulco, which occurred on October 24, was the strongest on record.

He reported that “the electrical infrastructure was devastated, destroying 117 high and medium voltage structures, 30 electrical substations and more than 12 thousand poles.”

He reiterated that “immediately after the hurricane, the CFE already began rebuilding the system.”

He described “an expeditious response” as essential to provide water, health and communications.

“The workers are true heroes who fully dedicated themselves to the task of helping the population of Guerrero, regardless of tiredness or fatigue. They deserve all our recognition given the magnitude of their feat,” said the official.

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