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An independent investigation into the American women's professional soccer has ruled that neither Federation (US Soccer) nor the National League (NWSL) they provided a safe environment for female footballers and the existence of systemic abuse.

The report published this Monday, of more than 300 pages, directed by the former interim attorney general Sally Q. Yates, points out:

Our investigation has revealed one league (NWSL) in which abuse and misconduct (verbal and emotional abuse and sexual misconduct) had become systemic, encompassing multiple teams, coaches, and victims.

The research, based on more than 200 interviewspoints out that the abuse in the NWSL “It has its roots in a deeper culture in women's soccer, starting in the youth leagues, which normalizes verbally abusive training and blurs the lines between coaches and players.”

In more than 200 interviews, we heard report after report of relentless and demeaning diatribes; manipulation that was about power, not about improving performance; and retaliation against those who tried to come forward.

However, he stresses that “even more disturbing were the histories of sexual misconduct.

Players described a pattern of sexually charged comments, unwanted sexual advances and sexual touching, and coercive sexual intercourse.

“These findings are heartbreaking and deeply concerning. The abuse described is inexcusable and has no place on any playing field., at any training center or workplace. As the national governing body of our sport, US Soccer is totally committed to do everything in their power to ensure that all playersat all levels, have a safe and respectful place to learn, grow and compete”, said the president of US Soccer, Cindy Parlow Cone.

According to the chain CNNthis report comes to light about a year after one of the The Athletic detailing the allegations of sexual coercion and misconduct against Paul Rileycoach of three NWSL franchises for eight seasons and who was fired by North Carolina Courage after knowing this information, although the technician denied the accusations.

Following that report, NWSL commissioner resigned and the league canceled all games scheduled for that weekend. By the end of the year, half of the teams in the league had parted ways with their coaches after the complaints of the players, warns the investigation of yachts.

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