Rescue work concludes in Greece after train crash

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The rescue work after the crash of two trains last Tuesday night in Greece, they will end this Friday, as efforts continue to find dozens of disappeared and identify most of the victims of the incident, which already amount to at least 57.

According to the Firefighters, the tasks at the scene of the accident will end this Friday and the first three wagons of the passenger train will be transferred to another site, where they can also be inspected by the Police.

Official data from the Greek authorities indicate that up to now, 36 of the 57 victims of the collision.

All those identified are part of the list of 56 disappeared that the authorities have in their hands, the Police have reported.

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The identification process is progressing slowly because most of the corpses They are so calcined what is impossible to identify without proof of dna.

Three days after the tragedy, it still exists confusion about him exact number of passengers that he was traveling on the train, since there were people who got on the Larisa station and bought their tickets from the conductors, so they are not on the list of “Hellenic Train”.

The official list of passengers includes 342 passengers and 10 railway employees. Two engineers were in the cargo convoy.

Half a hundred people remain today hospitalizedmost of them students between 20 and 25 years of age, six of them intubated in intensive care.

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The incident occurred shortly before midnight on Tuesday (22:00 GMT) north of the Greek city of Larissa when the passenger train collided head-on with another cargo with two drivers.

The authorities are focusing their research to find out why a big explosion after the collision of the two railways, according to a video broadcast by public television ERT.

According to local media, the firefighters They found in the second carriage – which functioned as a restaurant – two gas bottles.

The existence of a possible excessive quantity of oil In Containers, which are used for braking system of the train.

The prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Greece, Isidoros Dogiakos, has ordered the Larisa public prosecutor's office to investigate exhaustively the causes of the accident and to identify the guilty “whoever they are”.

Meanwhile, citizen discontent increases, with the call for demonstrations this friday all over greece asking clarify what happened.

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unions of railway workers have called for a new 24 hour strike to protest the situation in the sector, denouncing the lack of modern systems of security that could prevent such accidents.

Although Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke of an unfortunate “human error”, the government spokesman, Yannis Ikonomu, acknowledged on Thursday that in the section where the accident occurred security systems did not worksuch as the electronic guide or light signaling.

Hellenic Train is operated by the Italian state company Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, although the country's rail infrastructure, including safety systems, is run by the state body OSE.

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