Rescue 45 migrants from shipwreck on the coast of Lebanon; a child dies

One child was killed and 45 people were rescued on Saturday when a boat carrying some 60 migrants capsized off the coast of Lebanon, authorities said.

“Some 45 people have been rescued and the body of a child” was recovered from the ship that sank off the coast of the northern city of Tripoli, the Minister of Public Works and Transport said. ali hamieto local television.

He specified that some 60 people were on board the boat that intended to take undocumented migrants out of Lebanon.

“The search continues,” added Hamie.

The Lebanese Red Cross said it has sent 10 ambulances to Tripoli to support the rescue.

An AFP correspondent indicated that the army closed the port and only allowed the entry of ambulances.

The families of some passengers gathered to find out about their relatives but were denied access.

“This happened because of the politicians who have forced unemployed Lebanese to leave the country,” said a man waiting to hear from a relative outside the port.

Lebanon, a country of 6 million people, is facing an unprecedented financial crisis, on a scale the World Bank says is only seen in war situations.


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