Republicans vote in favor of closing the border and deporting undocumented immigrants in Texas

In the month of September 2021, thousands of immigrants arrived at the southern border of the United States in search of political asylum.

Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

The Republican Partywho voted in the primary elections held a week ago, not only voted for the candidates they want to see in the midterm elections on November 8, but also gave their opinion on 10 proposals of their political group in Texas, among which is the closure of the border and the deportation of undocumented immigrants.

Surprisingly, 92.21% of voters support the Republican Party, or what translates to 1,749,873 peoplechose this proposal, in the event that Texas receives a “refusal by the federal government to defend the southern border.”

The state’s proposition calls for the immediate deployment of the National Guard, Texas Military and necessary state law enforcement “to seal the border, enforce immigration laws, and deport undocumented immigrants.”

In contrast, 7.79% or just 147,272 people who support Republicans in Texas voted against the proposal.

The month of September 2021, Thousands of immigrants arrived at the southern border of the United States in search of political asylum, so more than 13,000 people gathered under the Del Río International Bridge.

For this reason, Greg Abbott, governor of the state, ordered a deployment of the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard to prevent immigrants from crossing from the city of Acuña, Mexico to Del Río, Texas.

In addition, Abbott sent a letter to US President Joe Biden asking for a federal emergency declaration to be issued for his state, which could make additional resources available to address the humanitarian crisis in Del Rio.

In response, The president said that he would be working with the countries from which the immigrants and the transit of the region come from so that they accept the people who previously resided in those nations.

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