Republican senators announce bill in the US that seeks to classify Mexican cartels as terrorists


The project targets the Sinaloa, Jalisco New Generation, Los Metros and Northeast cartels.

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

After it was revealed that the Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, had signed an executive order declaring Mexican cartels as foreign terrorists in the state, Senators Roger Marshall, Kansas, and Rick Scott, Florida, joined the call in amidst the growing fentanyl crisis.

Republicans introduced the Drug Cartel Terrorist Designation Act, legislation to formally designate drug cartels as terrorist organizations, as they continue to invade our porous southern border with weapons and illicit drugs that kill hundreds of Americans every day.

β€œIllicit drugs and other deadly cartel activities are killing Americans at record rates. Since Joe Biden and the Democrats continue to turn a blind eye, we are going to do something about it by designating drug cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations,” said Senator Marshall.

β€œAs these cartels continue to invade our porous southern border with an increasingly militarized approach, this designation is necessary to intensify our efforts to combat them.. We will not rest in our fight to stop the terrible scourge of fentanyl wreaking havoc in Kansas and across America,” he continued.

For his part, Senator Rick Scott said that, β€œFentanyl is one of the leading causes of death among young people in the United States, and those who knowingly distribute the highly lethal drug are declaring war on Americans. For too long, people have suffered addiction and death from this evil drug that is spilling across Joe Biden’s open southern border; And to end this crisis, these cartels must be held accountable and classified as terrorists. I am proud to join Senator Marshall in opposing this crisis and urging this common sense legislation to pass the Senate immediately.”

The Drug Cartel Terrorist Designation Act would formally designate the following criminal organizations as Foreign Terrorist Organizations:

  • Reynosa Faction/The Metros of the Gulf Cartel.
  • The Northeast Cartel faction of Los Zetas.
  • The Jalisco New Generation Cartel.
  • The Sinaloa Cartel

The Senators’ legislation would also require a report on possible additional cartels to give the Foreign Terrorist Organization designation.

Passing it would make it illegal to offer material support or resources to those organizations, bar their members or people associated with them from entering the United Statesand would give the Department of the Treasury the power to freeze their assets and block any operation related to them.

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